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Értékcsökkent: The Highly Sensitive Child

Értékcsökkent: The Highly Sensitive Child

Méretek: 21cm  x  14cm  x  3cm
Gyártó: Angol
Típus: EN-51499
Ár: 4 990 Ft Nettó: 4 752 Ft
Értékcsökkent 1x olvasott könyv, hiánytalan, jó állapotú angol nyelvű könyv. The Highly Sensitive Child: Helping Our Children Thrive When The World Overwhelms Them. by Elaine N. Aron Sensitive to almost everything - scratchy clothes, funny tastes, loud noises, a change in routine? A vivid dreamer, distressed by scary movies, or fearful in new situations? Prone to hurt feelings, upset by criticism, and eager to things just right? If so, your child may be one of the 15 to 20 percent of children who are born highly sensitive - deeply reflective, sensitive to the subtle, and easy overwhelmed. These qualities can make for smart, conscientious, creative children, but may also result in shyness, fussiness, or acting out. As pioneering psychotherapist Elaine Aron shows in this groundbreaking book, if you child seems overly inhibited, particular, or you worry that he or she may have a disorder such as Attention Deficit Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome, he or she may simply be highly sensitive. And raised with proper understanding and care, highly sensitive children can grow up to be happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults. 332 pages
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